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For many centuries, the once great fortress stood in ruins on the hill. The locals paid little heed to it. It faded back into obscurity, and it was not until T.A. 3018 the hill reappeared in the chronicles and annals. In early October, it was the scene of two fights involving the Nazgûl; one with Gandalf on October 3 and one with the Ring-bearer three days later.[5] After fleeing from Bree, Strider and the Hobbits avoided the main road and approached Weathertop from the north. At the top they discovered a cairn with a message from Gandalf, and spotted the Ringwraiths approaching in the distance along the road. That night, the Ringwraiths attacked their camp in a dell below the summit, stabbing Frodo with a Morgul-knife, but were driven off by the others.[1]

Original Oils. porcelain  paste on Gold leaf 40m x 40m

  •  Hand embellished Giclee PRINT
  • Size: 40cm x 40cm
  • This artwork is sold unframed
  • Signed on the front

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