Project Description

The Watcher at the Gate

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As they pondered the riddle of the Doors of Durin, Boromir threw a rock into the water. After Gandalf opened the gates and the Fellowship moved towards the entrance, the Watcher attacked Frodo, using its many long tentacles to grab hold of his legs. Sam slashed at the tentacles that were grabbing his friend, managed to injure the monster and it released the hobbit. Gandalf then commanded that the Fellowship run further into the gate to escape the Watcher’s wrath.

The perfect addition to any Tolkien collection, these Lord of the Rings inspired manuscripts from the mines of Moria, will look perfect displayed in any hobbit hole.

  • Size: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4).
  • Printed full colour on 400gsm silk stock, with stunning gold foil accents and then varnished.
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