Project Description

Set of three signed and numbered Hobbit Manuscript miniature prints with Foil Gold (Only 50 sets)

£49.99 plus £8.00 delivery

Print 1. Conversation with Smaug

Our little hero, under instructions from Thorin Oakensheild,  braves the corridors and halls of Eribor. It doesn’t take him long to get sight of the Arkenstone if he can only excuse himself from this pesky dragon…..

Print 2. The killing of the Goblin King and the finding of the One Ring..

We follow our be-leagued hobbit from the capture in the cave in the mountains, the rescue from the Goblin King by Gandalf to the finding of the Ring and the riddles with Gollum.

Print 3. The escape from the dungeons of the woodelves.

Bilbo after managing to evade capture follows the unhappy group of dwarves into the halls of the woodelves.  Using his burglar skills he manages to free the dwarves from their cells and executes an audacious escape under there very noses of the vigilant elves.

The Original paintings where produced in gouache with raised gold leaf on deluxe marbled parchment.

  • Each of the 3 prints is Signed on the front
  • Size: 30cm x 17cm
  • This artwork is sold unframed