Project Description

The Ents siege of Orthanc

£90.00 plus £8.00 delivery

Saruman and Grima Wormtongue look down on the devastation that the Ents have caused. In the meanwhile Merry and Pipin under instruction from Treebeard enjoy a little Pipeweed and await the coming of their esteemed visitors.

The Original paintings where produced in gouache with raised gold leaf on deluxe marbled parchment.

  • Three Lithographic prints on heavy watercolour paper varnished and sealed.
  • Each of the 3 prints is Signed on the front
  • Each print is Individually & identically numbered in sets up to 100
  • Image Size: 25cm x 60cm (Overall print size 32cm x 68cm)
  • This artwork is sold unframed