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Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul

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Balin’s Tomb was a mausoleum of white marble that was located deep within Moria on the eastern side of the Misty Mountains to the north of the great chamber of the Dwarrowdelf. This room was also the Chamber of Mazarbul, or the Chamber of Records. The tomb in the center of the room, on which the beam of light fell, housing the body of Gimli’s fallen cousin Balin. Upon the tomb, the words were inscribed in cirth runes (rendered in Khuzdul) saying: BALIN SON OF FUNDIN LORD OF MORIA_Tomb

The perfect addition to any Tolkien collection, these Lord of the Rings inspired manuscripts from the mines of Moria, will look perfect displayed in any hobbit hole.

  • Size: 21cm x 29.7cm (A4).
  • Printed full colour on 400gsm silk stock, with stunning gold foil accents and then varnished.
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