NewsOxonmoot 2022 St Annes, Oxford

Oxonmoot 2022 St Annes, Oxford

Oxonmoot – what a hoot.

Just got to say what a great conference this year, fantastic talks, shows and event. A joy to catch up with old friends and make some new new ones. A special thanks to Brian and David for giving so much time to everyone. Well done the Oxonmoot Crew, setting a very high bar for next year

My talk this year concerned the use of illustration and imagery in Tolkien’s world and looking at the extremes in opinions that result. I commented on Tolkien’s change of mind and explored as to how and why he came down so favourable on Mrs Mary Fairburns’ art and pushed to have her illustrate Lord of the Rings. I gave a very brief overview of Mary and focused on 1968 and her interaction with Tolkien and how it didn’t come to be.

There is a link below to the presentation.