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We are very pleased that the British artist Jay Johnstone will be our guest on the Thing. Ever since Jay exhibited at the Tolkien Return of the Ring in England in 2012, his work has gained an immense popularity. Certainly this is due to the fact that his paintings offer such an unprecedented interpretation of the earth, because Jay paints his paintings in the style of old icons or medieval book illustrations. For those who are so familiar with the popular Alan Lee or John Howes illustrations, Jay’s work is a completely new artistic approach to Tolkien’s work. Tolkien fans, art lovers, and the press are equally enthusiastic about his work. So be glad to take a look at Jay’s original paintings on the Thing and listen to the artist in an exciting lecture, explaining where he takes his inspiration. Jay always makes his lectures very lively, revealing amazing details of his pictures. Jay is a graphic designer who is currently living in North Newcastle. According to his own statements, he has been drawing since his 7th year. He is an enthusiastic collector of Tolkien and paints his paintings, which mainly originate in scenes in the Silmarillion and the Lord of the Rings, preferably with acrylic and watercolor technique. He will exhibit his paintings together with the two artists Anke Eißmann and Janny Dolfen. Image: Jay Johnstone

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